Run 100: Surprisingly fast

A map from Fitbit of my run Running can sometimes surprise you.

Today was an overcast day and it had been a bog-standard day at work. It got to 5pm and the idea of heading out into the drizzle, with the clock (and my stomach) heading towards dinner time, was not very appealing.

But from the moment I started my watch I could tell this run was going to be quicker than usual (at least relative to my other runs this month). Perhaps my body was urged on by the autumnal chill, keen to get back inside the house. Perhaps my legs were fed up of being under the desk, or my brain fed up of reading and writing C#. Perhaps I got lucky with a following wind.

Whatever it was, I really enjoyed this run. It turned out to be nearly my quickest 5K so far, beaten only by that time I cheated with an energy gel. In the grand scheme of things I can definitely do better (this was a full 3 minutes slower than I’ve ever run this distance), but with the equivalent of two marathons in my legs already this month, I’ll take it!

A quick shout-out to my friend Matt, who I waved at during my run. He’s training for a half marathon and it turns out he was in the middle of a 17km run when I saw him. Puts my “achievements” today into perspective!

5.27 km in 26:14
84.09 km out of 100 km