Run 100: Shoes

Another lunchtime run today. Not fast by any means, but it definitely energised me for an afternoon of work!

Brooks Glycerin 17 running shoes These are my running shoes: they’re made by Brooks and the model is Glycerin 17. They are the second pair of running shoes that I have owned; the previous pair were bought when I took up running 4 years ago and so I definitely needed an upgrade by the time I bought these!

I had always said that after the half marathon in March I would get my gait analysed and buy a new pair of running shoes, but shortly after that we were in COVID-19 lockdown so it wasn’t until July that I eventually made the trip to Up & Running. According to them my running style is neutral (meaning my feet are reasonably straight as they hit the ground) and they recommended a few models tailored for neutral runners. These were by far the most comfortable in the shop, and having used them a lot over the past couple of months I can honestly say I love them! They took no time whatsoever to break in and fit my feet really well.

When the time comes to replace them I suspect my first port of call will be the latest Brooks Glycerin model!

5.28 km in 28:10
70.7 km out of 100 km