Run 100: Livin' on a prayer

Me after my run Today marked a number of milestones in this running challenge.

Most importantly, I am now more than halfway through! This is the 15th day of a 30-day challenge, and I have run 55% of my target. It’s nice to finally see more green than grey in the progress bar on this site.

A map from Fitbit of my run This is also the first 10K run I’ve done in a while, and probably the only one I will do as part of this challenge.

As you can see from the photo, it was more than a little wet today! I’ve managed to dodge the rain so far, but when the forecast this morning was for rain all day, there was not a lot I could do. I don’t tend to mind running in the rain; it’s often better than running when it’s too hot.

Having stretched immediately after the run, there’s still a little soreness in my right calf. I’ll keep an eye on it; I certainly can’t afford an injury! I’m planning on doing 4K tomorrow but perhaps I should postpone my next run until Monday.

10.42 km in 56:53
55.07 km out of 100 km