Run 100: There and back again

A map from Fitbit of my run For a while I’ve been struggling to find a nice flat 5K route without too many road crossings or sharp turns.

The other day I had a brainwave - why couldn’t I just find a flat stretch and run up and down it? So that’s what I did today: a quiet, flat segment of pavement of about 0.6km, there and back 5 times. Other than having to slow and turn at each end, it was easy to keep up a consistent pace (my splits were all pretty close to 5min/km), and it was fun being able to tick of the sections in my head as the run carried on.

It would be nice to find a variation with a loop at either end, so I’m not just stopping dead; I think I might need to spend some time on On The Go Map to find a route matching that description!

5.77 km in 28:51
44.65 km out of 100 km


Andy Carter
Fri 2 Oct

Well done again. Good idea to stay on the same track if it's flat but it can get a bit boring with the same scenery over and over again.