Run 100: Totally running

A map from Fitbit of my run Today was my second “long run” of 8km. I really enjoyed it! Same route and time of day as last week, but a lot cooler. I’m looking forward to doing more running as the autumn continues.

In the absence of anything else of note, I’m going to take the opportunity to recommend a podcast. Normally when I run I listen to music or podcasts so this could well become a regular feature on this blog as I run out of things to talk about.

Totally Football Show logo Today while I was running I listened to the Totally Football Show. Hosted by James Richardson, I love it because they have expert guests who really know their stuff, and they discuss what is going on in the world of football in a very entertaining way. Favourite guests include Michael Cox who is known for detailed tactical analysis, and Duncan Alexander who works for Opta and is always ready with an interesting statistic. Both were on today as the team previewed this weekend’s Premier League action.

If you’re at all interested in football, definitely give it a listen!

8.17 km in 42:45
29.5 km out of 100 km