Run 100: Music

Before the run Today was my first run wearing a base layer. It’s officially autumn!

Another very enjoyable run today. It’s probably a combination of cooler weather and practice that has led to me enjoying the last couple so much! Last week my legs were a little sore on Sunday (after the long run on Saturday), so it’s nice that I’m seeing some improvement in my fitness as the challenge wears on.

A map from Fitbit of my run So far this week I’ve listened to a podcast while running, but today I decided to listen to music. Often I’ll pick an album I’m enjoying; today, however, I listened to my imaginitively-titled “Running” playlist on Spotify. Some have been chosen because they’re upbeat, and some because they have “run” in the lyrics! But most of them are just songs I love, which keeps my head up when I’m finding a run hard.

Feel free to have a listen!

4.11 km in 20:45
33.61 km out of 100 km