Run 100: 5000 metres

Autumn evening Today was the first of many 5K runs.

5K has become the default distance for me since I started running four years ago. To begin with it was merely a target, as I undertook the Couch to 5K program. More recently (although not in the last six months) it has become a Saturday morning staple thanks to parkrun.

A map from Fitbit of my run Even though I must have run 5K dozens of times since I moved a couple of years ago, I still haven’t found a good route near where I live. The one I did today I tend to think of as “4+1”: that is, my standard 4km loop, plus an extra bit through the Tesco’s car park. Last week I bought an OS map of my local area, so I reckon I should scour that for a new route, especially as I live near the edge of town so it shouldn’t be too hard to get out into the countryside.

Today I went out straight after work, and it was a beautiful autumn evening: still warm from the day, but starting to cool down.

5.21 km in 27:52
16.16 km out of 100 km