Run 100: Short but pacey

I’ll be honest, the main reason for running today after a long one yesterday was to give me more content for this blog.

A luminous runner That said, my legs were a little stiff after yesterday so a short run to get everything moving was no bad idea. Having not had much exercise all day it was certainly a good idea to get out and do something. For that reason I suspect I won’t do much walking during the next month!

A map from Fitbit of my run Today was two laps of what I call my “fast loop”: a 1.35km circuit which is pretty flat and so I averaged just under 5 min/km. As I need to keep reminding myself, this challenge is about distance not speed, but I did enjoy today’s run and it would be nice to do a few of these throughout the month. If nothing else they are a good way of ticking of a couple more kilometres without eating a large chunk out of the day!

2.81 km in 13:47
10.95 km out of 100 km