Run 100: A good start!

A picture from after the run My running challenge began on a warm September lunchtime. After a lie-in and some jobs round the house, I headed out around 11.45, and after a short walk to warm up I started my watch and got underway.

A map from Fitbit of my run When I was training for a 10km race about a year ago I found a nice route creating a circuit around town, and so today I used a modification of that which worked out at just over 8km. I’m already 8% of the way through!

The temperature was somewhere around 20°C, so in hindsight I would have been better off running first thing or in the evening. My main reasons for running before lunch were that I didn’t feel like getting up early on a Saturday, but also to give my breakfast chance to go down. I took some water but it was pretty hot. I think I’ve learnt a lesson to plan my runs around the weather forecast! As the autumn wears on this will become less of a problem though.

I was aiming to run at a pace of 5 min/km, but after a few kilometres it became clear that that wouldn’t happen, what with the heat and the fact I haven’t run much in the last couple of weeks. This challenge is about stamina, not speed, and I’ll need to remind myself of that as time goes on.

This is going to be a challenge, but a manageable one I think. I’m looking forward to continuing!

8.14 km in 44:11
8.14 km out of 100 km