Run 30

Welcome back!

After finishing Run 100, I did indeed carry on running but didn’t set myself another challenge. As the winter set in I got out of the habit of running, and then unfortunately around Christmas I managed to injure my back, so in the first few months of the year I didn’t run very much.

Now that my back is (mostly) better, I want to get back into running, but unfortunately I’m lacking fitness. So I’ve set myself a new challenge to run 30km in a month; I’m calling it Run 30. Obviously, this is a lot less than the 100km I did last year, but this is a good opportunity for me to learn that I can enjoy running however high or low my performance levels are.

See you in a month …

Date Distance Cumulative
Wed 12 May 2.04 km 2.04 km
Sat 15 May 2.73 km 4.77 km
Mon 17 May 2.88 km 7.65 km
Wed 19 May 2.87 km 10.52 km
Sat 22 May 3.14 km 13.66 km
Tue 25 May 2.83 km 16.49 km
Thu 27 May 2.9 km 19.39 km
Sun 30 May 4.13 km 23.52 km
Wed 2 Jun 2.4 km 25.92 km
Sun 6 Jun 2.93 km 28.85 km
Thu 10 Jun 2.96 km 31.81 km

… and that’s it! I’ve enjoyed getting back into running, and I’m slowly teaching myself that it’s worth going for a run even if it’s a slow one.

Another lesson I’ve learnt is that I’m much more likely to actually get out and run if I have a documented target. There’s a big difference between thinking “I’d like to run more” and publicly stating what I’m aiming for! So, I’ll soon be setting myself another exercise target (in fact, I’ll state categorically here that I’ll make this decision by the end of the month!).

Every Monday I play 6-a-side football, and this week (7th June) I particularly noticed an improvement in my ability to recover from sprints. I was really pleased to see progress in terms of fitness! I’d like to continue this, so perhaps my next goal could involve running intervals, instead of a single target distance.

See you soon for another challenge.